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Dr. Miyamoto is the best dentist in Portland. She has always been very professional, meticulous and is genuinely concerned for me. Her dentistry is superior in quality to any other dentist who has treated my family, and her gentle chair-side manner has always been stress-free, pain-free. Any treatment required is presented to me and my family in a way that we understand. She encourages us to share in the decision making as an informed and knowledgeable patient. She is simply the ONLY dentist I will go to. Her staff is considerate and extremely professional and helpful. – Janning D.

WOW, Best Cosmetic Dentist in Portland

I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled to because of the excellent experience I had there. Every aspect of my experience was perfect. I went there to get some veneers done. I had been searching for the perfect place for a few years, and am so happy that I waited that long. I was extremely impressed by the Dentist’s credentials including being named one of the Top Dentists in America. They were extremely upfront and honest about things and were so accommodating with everything. I have had consultations at the best cosmetic dentists in this city and this place by far exceeds everything from the service to the actual final result. I did the front 6 teeth and you can’t even tell the difference between my veneers and my real teeth. By the way, I love how they were able to show me what my teeth will look like (on my own mouth) before I committed. Dr Mika and the whole staff are amazing! I have never experienced such great customer service anywhere. I HIGHLY recommend this place. – Zoneray

Looking for Portland Dentist? Go to Pearl District Dental!

I have been a patient with Dr. Mika Miyamoto at Pearl District Dental for the last 3 years. She is by far the best dentist I have ever been to! Her staff is 5 star quality all the way. I highly recommend her to anyone, and if my family lived in this area they will all be going to her as well. Now that I have to move to Chicago I wish I could take his whole office with me too! – Posted by selbagh at Citysearch

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Best Dentist in Portland

Dr. Mika at Pearl District Dental is the best dentist you will find! I have been seeing her for about five years now. She is the best dentist I’ve been to. She is very attentive to detail and the comfort level of the patient. She definitely goes above and beyond most dentists I have seen previously. Dr. Mika is an artist. She has done a lot of work on my mouth and everything not only functions and works the same or much better than before, but I love the way my teeth look afterward. She has replaced quite a few of my ugly black fillings. Now it is a pleasure to smile and I don’t hate looking at my teeth every time I brush or floss. Never waited more than one or two minutes for my appointment to begin. Once you start, they are excellent and keeping you informed during the entire appointment. Dr. Mika’s office team has gone to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable from the moment you walk into the office until the moment you leave. What a treat. They even call you at home after your appointment just to make sure everything feels right as the numbness wears off. Overall, you won’t find a dentist or doctor in Portland that has the commitment to customer service like Dr. Mika does. I would – and do – recommend her to anyone I know! – CRobroy at Citysearch

Best Dentist in Portland

Dr. Mika Miyamoto has been my general dentist since I moved to Portland six years ago and I couldn’t be happier with her work. She has dealt with some very complex restoration challenges, including multiple implant crowns and restoring my entire mouth from old amalgam fillings etc. and done a superb job with inlays and crowns. Her crowning achievement is to replace a crown on my front tooth (I’ve been told these are the hardest to do) and she did an amazing job. The result is always perfectly matched and natural, and I was involved every step of the way in deciding what to do and when. Simply put, Dr. Miyamoto is an artist. Dr. Miyamoto’s work is of the highest quality, and I would recommend her without hesitation to someone who care about high quality work for their teeth. – M. Downing

Best Dentist in Portland

About two years ago, I moved to Portland from Grand Rapids Michigan. Two weeks after moving to this great city, I started to have intermittent tooth pain. Not really knowing any dentists in the area, I searched online and found several clinics with favorable reviews. The first two dentists I saw (which shall remain nameless) were very nice, but did not convince me that they diagnosed my problem correctly. One of them recommended two root canals and crowns which were going to cost thousands. So I figured I should get another opinion before I damage my teeth and pay all that money. Pearl District Dental was next on my list, and the title says it all. Dr. Mika Miyamoto-Shemali was the dentist I saw there and she gave me by far the most thorough exam of the bunch. She took a close look at my bite and informed me she believed my pain was the result of tooth clenching. Since neither of the other dentists had even mentioned this problem, I was somewhat skeptical, but Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali showed me several things that were going on in my mouth as evidence. She proceeded to provide me with a temporary bite appliance (free of charge) which I wore at night to confirm her diagnosis. Low and behold, two days later, I was pain free. Over the last 18 months, I saw Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali several times. She fitted me with a custom bite appliance, took care of three fillings and one crown. Her touch is magical and she has amazing chair-side mannerism. The rest of the staff are also amazing – caring, conscientious, very pleasant, and show impeccable team work. – marvelous O.

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One of Portland’s Best Dentists

Dr. Mika Miyamoto’s office is literally like a state of art experience. First and foremost, Dr. Miyamoto is definitely one of the best dentists in Portland. From the way she performs the procedures and the final success, you can tell her excellence in her field, education and her personal touch in cosmetic work. My husband and I had a few fillings and crowns done; amazing results. Her approach to you as a patient is so relaxing and educative. Her staff also satisfies you with an excellent job on insurance work, explaining the co-pays and procedures cost breakdown. I’ve been to a few dentists in the Portland area before, but she surely is a pro in her field. I highly recommend her. – merschmi

You should try this dentist

I have been Dr. Mika Miyamoto’s patient since I moved to Portland six years ago. I have always had good dentists and have high expectations. Dr. Mika Miyamoto met and exceeded any expectations I had! I have also had extensive dental work done: bonding on my two upper front teeth, cracked back tooth, and fillings, as well as general cleanings, x-rays, etc. so I feel confident in recommending her for any work you need done. Dr. Mika has an excellent chair-side manner. She takes time to get to know you before getting to know your teeth. Her work is exemplary! And she continues to stay atop of field by continually attending the best training seminars all over the world. Dr. Mika has also hired people underneath her (office staff, hygienists) who are as competent in their roles as she is. If you need a dentist or are not completely satisfied with you current dentist, try Dr. Mika! You will not be sorry! – by Rudymer at Citysearch

No reason to go to any other dentist in Portland

Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali is fantastic! I actually heard about the practice from CitySearch; I was so impressed by her reviews that I had to check it out for myself. For me, choosing Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali at Pearl District Dental is THE ONLY option. This team is truly passionate about dentistry, and will forever change your outlook on the profession. They are friendly and knowledgeable and will spend time getting to know you, and work with you to exceed your expectations from treatment. I would recommend Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali and her team, to anyone looking for a dentist. You will not regret this decision. I have had the following procedures done in the past few months, and couldn’t be happier): – 4 fillings (tooth color for cosmetic appearance) – Whitening – Crowns: 2 upper front teeth Also, to give you an idea of the caliber of dentist that Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali is; she has recently been chosen among to top dentists in the US to be a visiting faculty member for one of the top post-graduate dental schools in the world. This is quite an honor to be selected from thousands candidates across the country! – jaysdron at Citysearch

Portland’s Best Dentist

Dr. Mika Miyamoto-Shemali is simply the best! I am grateful for her wonderful chair-side manner and her unparalleled thoroughness and skills. I’ve recommended her to many people who ask and everyone has been delighted with her services. I’ve been going to her since 2003 (when I moved here), and went originally on the recommendation of a friend. I also want to mention that I have always been pleased with her hygienists and staff. – kimatknight at Citysearch

Without a doubt, Portland’s Best Clinic

I felt compelled to write a review about the terrific experience my husband and I have consistently had with Pearl District Dental and Dr. Mika Miyamoto-Shemali. We’ve been going to this clinic for a little over two years. There are few businesses that have my complete loyalty and this is definitely one of them. Everything about this clinic is absolutely beautiful/exceptional, the doctor, her chair-side manner, her staff, the facilities, the treatment, the equipment, the widespread smiles. I also want to mention something about Dr. Mika’s skills and integrity as a dentist. With every visit, she has consistently added a new dimension to my understanding of my teeth and oral health. I also admire the fact that this is a dentist who practices what she preaches. She is continually pursuing advanced training with a vigor that’s way beyond what other practitioners seek (I know since I’m a physician as well). Over the last few months, I’ve referred several of my friends and they have called to thank me for this. – priceysnov at Citysearch

Portland’s Best

Having made the rounds through several dentists in Portland and other cities, I wanted to write a review showing my unconditional support to the folks at Pearl District Dental. Dr. Mika’s work stands out for its superb quality, great aesthetics and phenomenal attention to detail. She’s truly an artist who transforms dental restorations into masterpieces. She is the only dentist in my experience who combines predictability of complex dental treatment with beautiful aesthetic result. This is not a dentist for those who are interested in “patching things up”. She has a comprehensive approach to treatment and great patient communication skills. The rest of the staff will bend backwards to make sure you’re comfortable and accommodated for. I find them among the best dentally educated staff I’ve come across. – vsaint at Citysearch

Portland’s Top Dental Clinic

I am in healthcare myself, but I must admit, I never really liked going to the dentist. My husband and I were recommended to Dr. Miyamoto-Shemali’s clinic from one of our friends who has been a patient at Pearl District Dental for several years. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. As a new patient, the experience begins when you first walk in the door. That is all very important to me. My anxieties were diminished as I was brought to the back and met the staff. I also received a tour of the office! Very nice touch! – Posted by Jgal5 at Citysearch

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