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Any dentist can call himself or herself a ‘Cosmetic Dentist. If you are considering enhancing your smile, it is extremely important to partner with a dentist who can work with you to get the results you desire. Dr. Mika has had specialized world-class training with special emphasis on cosmetic procedures. Additionally, she has a keen aesthetic eye along with the commitment to provide you with an amazingly natural looking smile.

porcelainPorcelain Veneers
porcelainSmile Makeover
dental-01-before-afterPorcelain Veneers

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There are dozens of techniques to provide you with a spectacular smile. Dr. Mika utilizes a holistic approach that factors in your desired aesthetic results along with a complete picture of your oral health. Each smile is then carefully created to include several dozen variables such as eye color, lip frame, smile width, teeth proportion, and other facial features.


Did You Know?
One of the biggest fears many patients have before they commit to moving forward with a smile makeover is concern that they will be less than thrilled about the results – The shape may not come out right – The color may be too bright, or not bright enough –Their smile will not look natural – The teeth may break or chip soon after completion, etc. Dr. Mika utilizes several advanced smile design and delivery techniques to provide you with the predictable naturally looking results you seek. Before you commit to the final product, you will have several opportunities to preview and evaluate your final smile, including feedback from those whose opinion matters to you. Additionally, Dr. Mika has had extensive advanced training on how to ensure your teeth will work harmoniously in every day functions. This minimizes the likelihood of breakage or fractures.

dental-03-before-afterFull-mouth Rehabilitation

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Photography plays an extremely important role in cosmetic dentistry. It helps us communicate with you clearly about your desired outcome along with various possibilities. It also allows us to work with a dedicated team of specialists as needed to coordinate any additional care. Dr. Mika’s dedication to excellence, led her to set up a photography studio at her clinic employing some of the most advanced photographic equipment and techniques to ensure the best cosmetic results.

dental-04-before-afterTreatment of chipped tooth using direct bonding with teeth whitening

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Your dentist has a choice of which dental lab to use. Dr. Mika deals only with Master Lab Technicians and they work together to expertly design a natural smile that is consistent with your lip line, facial features, eye color, age, and gender. Our current Master Lab Technician is one of 30 lab technicians in the world to have gained accreditation status from the American Association for Cosmetic Dentistry. He is also on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and has published numerous articles.

dental-05-before-afterReplace Amalgam Fillings

Did You Know?
When your needs include treatment outside of our expertise, we offer concierge-type service connecting you with some of the best specialists in the local area. This includes contacting the specialist that fits your needs, and working with them on your individualized plan, treatment coordination, and financial arrangements. We care about your dental transformation from beginning to end.

dental-06-before-afterSmile Transformation Rehearsal
dental-07-before-afterTreatment with Invisalign followed by direct bonding
dental-08-before-afterInvisalign treatment followed by porcelain veneers
dental-09-before-afterFull-mouth Rehabilitation and instant orthodontics