Haven’t Been to the Dentist This Year? 3 Reasons to Go

If you haven’t been to the dentist in Portland, OR, this year, now is the time to make your appointment! Most dentists recommend coming in for teeth cleanings every six months. Seeing the dentist can help you improve your oral hygiene and may also improve your smile. If you haven’t been to the dentist yet this year, here’s what to know about how going to the dentist can help you.

1. Going to the dentist is good for your oral hygiene.

Hopefully you brush your teeth twice daily and floss once each day. Unfortunately, cleaning your teeth at home is often not enough to prevent plaque and tartar from building up on your tooth enamel.

When you go to the dentist for teeth cleaning, your dental professional will remove plaque and tartar that could cause infection, gum disease, gum recession, and a variety of other problems. That’s good for your teeth and good for you.

2. Going to the dentist is good for your smile.

Are your teeth stained, or maybe suffering from some kind of cosmetic damage? Going to the dentist can help resolve this issue. When you’re done with your dental appointment, you may feel better about your smile and have more confidence in your appearance.

3. Getting regular dental cleanings can prevent problems in the future.

When you go to the dentist, your dental professional can catch problems in their early stages. Whether you’ve got the beginnings of a cavity or mild gum recession, your dentist can help you stop these problems in their tracks. This can help you maintain healthier teeth and gums.

Do you need a dental appointment? Call Pearl District Dentistry for teeth cleanings in Portland, OR.

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